God continues to do great things at New Vintage Church. Since our first informal gathering of 16 on December 5th of last year, and through our “official” launch on Palm Sunday of this year, God has continued to grow our church into a vibrant fellowship of people who love one another and are committed to His mission.

This past weekend, God rained an enormous blessing on New Vintage when Hidden Valley Christian Church in Escondido, California (the church whose facility we rent on Sunday nights), voted to dissolve and join New Vintage Church in ministry going forward. That vote was an enormous step of faith in God and trust in our church—and we couldn’t be more grateful. It was also a beautiful expression of Christian unity. New Vintage Church will begin meeting on Sunday mornings with a special service on October 23rd.

At a very practical level, here are some other things this means for New Vintage Church:

  • And one of the biggest joys of this step of faith: New Vintage Church has a home. The facility we meet in and the land it’s on now belong to New Vintage Church. This opens soooo many doors for us from the perspectives of outreach, potential compassion ministries, and visibility in the community. It also provides some long-term financial stability I thought might elude us for some time.
  • The addition of about 40-50 new Brothers and Sisters in Christ to our fellowship. This will send us well above the dreaded 200 mark.
  • We can move our assembly times to Sunday mornings
  • Our capacity for service goes up as we join with these servant-minded people Sisters and Brothers.

We hardly even know where to begin thanking God for this amazing gift. Though our church still has a number of challenges ahead of it, there’s no doubt the Kingdom advanced last weekend. Unity prevailed. Because of it, God is pleased and more people will be reached for Christ.