Biblical Tragedies

Saul had one depressing life. That was my conclusion after reading 1 Samuel again for the first time in a while. He had everything going for him, but his inability to follow God wholeheartedly cost him dearly. His life ended by him falling on his own sword, being beheaded and having his head passed door to door through the city. His body (I’m assuming headless) was put on display. That’s a bad day. I was trying to imagine a greater biblical tragedy than Saul…one whose life ended so tragically. One could say Jesus, but his story ends happily.

So, help me out here. Can you think of someone with a more depressing life story than Saul? I thought about Jezebel…maybe Eglon…

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5 thoughts on “Biblical Tragedies

  1. I would have to agree that Judas is at least 1A to Saul. His ending was a tad more private perhaps, but how deep is the tragedy when you spend day after day with the Messiah and then take your own life?

  2. I don’t know about worst, but Uriah certainly ranks up there. One day, he has a hot chick for a wife and he’s a high ranking military officer. The next, the king’s stealing his wife and telling the general to make sure he dies an ugly death.

  3. Man…Judas is tops…can’t believe he didn’t come to mind immediately. His story certainly rivals Saul as the most grotesque…but he surpasses even Saul in the tragedy department.