Here is the Bible sales record for July 2007

  • 1 New International Version
  • 2 King James Version
  • 3 New Living Translation
  • 4 New King James Version
  • 5 English Standard Version
  • 6 The Message
  • 7 Reina Valera 1960 (Spanish)
  • 8 New American Standard Bible update
  • 9 Today’s New International Version
  • 10 New Century Version

You know what is most suprising about this list? That the King James is still rockin’ and rollin’ after all these years. Number two shocker? The meteoric rise of the ESV (which was #3) last month. I love the ESV, but also surprising is the decline of the the NASB (now #8) and the HCSB (no longer in the top 10).

Also cracking the top 10 is the TNIV. I still wonder how accepted this translation will become as time goes on. Another surprise is that the NRSV is nowhere to be found despite the fact that it dominates much of the academic market.

I’ve asked this before…but what translations do you all use? Why?