world's largest camera

The record for world’s largest camera is currently held by an aircraft hangar camera, but back in 1900, a photographer (George R. Lawrence) built the massive camera seen here. He was commissioned by the Chicago & Alton Railway to shoot the world’s largest photo of one of its trains — a photo measuring 8 feet by 4.5 feet. The camera weighed 900 pounds, required 15 men to move and operate, and cost a whopping $5,000 — enough money back then to buy a large house.

Today, I can take a far superior picture of much larger objects with my IPhone.

Better beats bigger nearly all of the time. The Hubble space telescope takes far better pictures than the IPhone…so this isn’t about small being better. It isn’t.

Smaller isn’t better.

Bigger isn’t better.

Better is better.

Focus your church or ministry on “betterness.” The size part will take care of itself.

As in the Parable of the Talents, we will be held accountable not for ending with the same number of talents as everyone else…but for what we did with those entrusted to us. 2 isn’t better than 5. 5 isn’t necessarily better than 2. What’s “better” is maximizing what God has entrusted to us for His purposes.

Faithful people aren’t content for 2=2 over a lifetime of ministry. That’s not better.

What’s better is to allow God to multiply His gifts in and through you day by day. Don’t settle for less than better. Don’t bury talents in the mattress. Long to hear God’s well done.

That’s better.