This has been an outstanding year for the blog, and I want to thank every person who reads it. I get asked from time to time whether the blog is a drag for me because many have found the discipline of blogging rather laborious over time. I myself do not, generally. I do it as a way of starting conversations and sharing thoughts I hope will be helpful to others.

This year has been one of transition for me personally and professionally…and blogally? In the midst of starting New Vintage Church, moving houses, and completely overhauling the blog, posting has morphed into less of a personal blog toward more of a interest-based blog. We moved from TypePad to WordPress, changed addresses from to , and changed layouts 3 times (2 by choice, 1 by moron-induced crash).

So, here we are. Heading toward a new year, and lots to share. Thanks for checking out the blog.

Here a few small ways you can encourage the blog:

  • Link to from your blog, and change the link on your blog to if you still have the old link.
  • Tell others about it, retweet, Facebook like, +1, etc., posts you find helpful. Please don’t spread things you don’t find helpful. But, if there’s something you find really helpful, pass it on.
  • Comment. Conversation is fun.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 posts of 2011, by total influence (comments/social media reposting and click count):

5. What is the Greatest Barrier to Revival in Churches of Christ?¬†Though many who read this blog don’t consider themselves part of Churches of Christ, this post was a great reminder to me that many remained deeply concerned about the future of this fellowship–and we should continue talking about this.

4. What Difference Does Preaching Make? This post struck a chord and benefited by a gracious feature on Scot McKnight’s blog. This post sprung from a conversation in which a church leader told me he thought preaching should happen monthly for about 10 minutes, and be done by members of the church rather than a paid staff person.

3. On Leadership in Churches of Christ. This short series started by accident–as a Twitter conversation between me and someone else was public but we didn’t realize it. So, I figured we’d just invite everyone in on it. This actually began in December of 2010 and spilled over into 2011.

2. Why is Calvinism Back in Style?¬†Like this year’s winning posts, I was totally caught off-guard by how engaged you were with this post. Lots of comments and social media traffic with great passion.

1. And, the runaway post was the Rob Bell Love Wins four-pack. These three posts dwarf all others by fifteen miles. It shocked me how much feedback and traction these posts got. They were quoted in sermons by pastors I respect greatly, featured on some of the top blogs, etc. Here are the links to those four posts.

Again, thank you so much for reading and sharing on the blog. I treasure your readership and conversation.