I don’t do a lot of politically oriented posts. Mostly, it’s
because I don’t like being pigeon-holed into one camp or the other…and because
I know thoughtful, God-fearing people on all sides of the aisle. To spend a lot
of blog time on such would, I fear, turn this humble blog into another vent for
vehement opinions that can be heard on the radio any time of the day. Besides,
there are far better social commentators than me out there who can actually
shed some real light on things.

Yet, I feel the need to congratulate Barack Obama for
winning the election. He won a grueling campaign contest, and did a great deal
to get Americans reengaged in the political process.

I did not vote for Barack Obama. I couldn’t, as I have some
deep disagreements with him on policy issues that I believe are at the core of
my faith. Nonetheless, I wish Him well. I hope that our country will be more
gracious and respectful to Him than we were to President Bush.

Here are some positive perspectives about the election and
election process:

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    Hopefully, the Washington Post’s admission of
    their own media bias in election coverage will lead to more such admissions so
    that greater integrity can return to the press.
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    I love the fact that our country can and did
    elect a person of color to the presidency. It’s time. It’s been time. John McWhorter wrote a thought-provoking editorial
    in Forbes on what we can learn about
    the state of racism in America based on the Obamalection. Click here
    to read it.
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    I enjoy hearing Obama speak. He is a terrific
    orator, and, as a speech communication junkie, I really enjoy hearing him give
  • ·        
    He is a likable guy, and is likely to improve
    perceptions about America abroad.
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    It was great to see people my age and younger
    giving a rip about the election.
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    John McCain is a great American.
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    Joe Biden has served our country for a long time
    with distinction. I remember him from watching the Clarence Thomas hearings
    when I was in school. Thought I differ with him as well on policy matters, it’ll
    be interesting to see how he does, and what he’ll say over the years.
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    I voted
    in a guy’s garage
    . It was both scary to think the President of the United
    States was being elected in garages all over the country in the midst of
    hubcaps and neon beer signs. And, then, I thought, “How great is America that a
    normal guy can host voting in His garage?”
  • ·        
    Sarah Palin is just getting started. We’ll be
    hearing from her for a long time. That’s a good thing.

We are called by God’s Word to the blessing of praying for
our leaders (1 Timothy 2:2). Barack Obama needs our prayers and God has called
us to do so. So, let’s do it…and gladly. And may God bless America.