New Vintage Church held a worship night a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes it’s good to just worship for God’s own sake. No agenda other than to just glorify God and bask in His presence. The theme of the night was, “Behold!”

One of the highlights for me personally, was a poem compiled and written by NVC’s Director of Community Outreach, Jessica Petrenscik, and read in a “spoken word” format by she and two of our college students. I offer it to you for reflection on God’s greatness.


Behold, the Great Divinity
Who authored the stars and set them free
Whose whispered words spun galaxies into motion.
“Let there be…”
A great bang bringing forth cacophony.
From nothing to night
From darkness to light
Planets in orbit, nebulas bright.
Behold, the One who measured the earth
And knows the weight of the clouds.
He beckons the snow.
He commands rain and wind.
Lightening reports back to him.
He held back the ocean when it was conceived.
He gave mighty horses their bravery.
He alone sees mountain goats give birth.
Yet, in even the smallest of mammals
The color of kidneys and lungs testify
Of One who values beauty inside.
The robotic perfection of the grasshopper’s armor,
The unmatched vision of the mantis shrimp,
Sea turtle migration, a hummingbird’s wings,
The elements, states of matter, brain plasticity,
The making and birth of a child.
He is an Architect of Order
Master of every medium:
Muscle and feather, bone and blood, cartilage, fur, and skin.
All dominion belongs to him.
Cause and Creator
Artist and Maker
The One who expands beyond time,
Who physicists struggle to define.
Their most complex equations only provide
A slight introduction to his infinite mind
And from Him proceed both death and life.

Behold your King
Who took his greatness, his grandeur, more vast than a universe
Extending to infinity
And compressed it into man
Into Christ
Into fragile, finite, mortal form.
Behold the mercy of this act
The immeasurable injustice of it
The magnificent compassion.
Behold his spoken word
Truth for all the ages
A Way for humanity to overcome the brokenness
Life for a fallen world
Behold, the Redeemer
All-powerful, holy
Who in his great wisdom found it
Worth shedding his own flesh and blood
For us,
Stained by sin from our birth.
His heart, bleeding,
Nails, bark, shattered bone.
He bore our iniquities and made us his own.
We, merely dust of the earth
Now worth our weight in blood.
He who saves us from the land of the whirring wings,
From places where owls dwell.
And plants pines in our wilderness.
He sets eternity in the hearts of men.
Behold, the Word
who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not
as though they were.
He calls us his children.
He says, “You are worthy.
You are free.
My shroud has wiped your black heart clean.
You may receive if you believe.
You are worthy because of me.”

What, then, shall we say?
As for me and my house,
We children of dust,
Will serve the God of the universe
The one who created the stars,
Our hearts,
Our bones.
We, the lowly, will bow before His gracious hand
The hand that holds our futures on a tightrope over justice
Whose mercy is deeper than the ocean
And wider than all the seas.
We, who are a little lower than the angels,
Yet bear violence in our spines
Who chase after the wind
Whose tongues start wildfires
Whose lives are but withering grass,
We, who have no substance apart from him,
Will hope in His restoration,
Have faith he can heal our barren hearts.
Or maybe we won’t.
But He is the God who hides where mustard seeds bloom
And speaks from firey branches that do not burn.
Our doubt can be overturned.
The Servant-King
To him we cling, broken nails, hands cramped.
Souls rank with sin.
We confess the darkness harbored within:
Envy, contempt, fear, apathy
Defensive pride, lust, anger, gluttony.
We touch the hem of his garment and say,
Please heal me.”
And then…
We thank Him with a gratitude that
Changes everything
We open our hands
And begin to surrender.
We join the song of the morning stars.
We cry out with the stones.
We clap with the trees of the field.
We shout with the creatures of the deep.
With all of nature we honor Him:
Behold, our God who comes in fire and cloud
Behold, our God both the lion and the lamb
Behold, our God, slaughtered yet risen
Conqueror of death
Victor over sin
Refuge of the oppressed
Healer of the wounded
Freer of the enslaved
Father to the fatherless
Breaker of chains
The Holy One in our midst.