It's been a while since my last post. I try to give myself a breather from posting when I'm on vacation, though I typically find blog posting to be therapeutic. Tomorrow, I'm preaching, and it'll feel really good to get to share the Word again. I never get bored with it. It's a true blessing for me.

Last night, myself, Emily and my parents went to dinner at the Reef in Long Beach. It was a perfect night to walk the shoreline, so we did and wandered over to the Queen Mary. We went up to the 4th deck to the spot where I proposed to Emily 8 years ago September 8th. Not only was the Long Beach skyline gorgeous, it was amazing how I could remember the details, and the anxiety I felt as a young man proposing. It was great to go there again, and to be reminded that we men should never stop wooing our brides.

We've been on the road with our kids for nearly 2 weeks now. The time away has been great, even as we continue the fatiguing process of discovering where God wants us next. Palm Springs, Long Beach, and San Diego have all been terrific. When we return, it'll be decision time…then the real adventure begins.