A Saturday evening prayer courtesy of Walter Brueggemann. To those who preach, let Him rise tomorrow.

Do your mysterious, majestic God-ing with our hearts: 

reclaim, renew, re-enliven, 

that we may leave your presence 




become by your attentiveness whom we have not yet embraced, 

open and receptive, honest and undefensive, unafraid and committed to obedience. 

Let the pulse of our heart throb now, according to the cadences of your rule; 

command and we will obey, overrule and we will yield, 

lead and we will walk where we never thought to go. 

Unto you … not unto each other, not unto our pet projects, 

not unto our favorite charity or passion. 

Unto you … our hearts are open; we are yours; be our God-yet again.