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In ministry, consistency is better than hitting a home-run one night and going 0-4 for the next night. Put the bat on the ball solidly with consistency and you’ll hit some home runs along the way. Swing for the fences all the time and you’ll hurt yourself while striking out too much.

  • If you’re a preacher, be consistently good, not occasionally great and occasionally careless. Feed God’s people every Sunday, not once a month.
  • If you’re a Youth Minister, don’t mail in your Sunday classes and rock the retreat. Teens need to eat every Sunday, not just once a year for a week.
  • If you’re a Worship Minister, don’t plan well and rehearse carefully some weeks and coast others. Don’t plan your guts out for Christmas and Easter and throw it together the rest of the year. God is worthy of the first-fruits of our worship every week.

This doesn’t mean you don’t put a little something extra into Easter, Christmas, the back-to-school series or a special outreach event.

  • It just means people can bring friends knowing you won’tĀ embarrassĀ them.
  • It means the church will know it’s leaders care about what God is doing through the church.
  • Perhaps most importantly, when people serve, they too will serve with consistency and care.

If you don’t care all the time, they won’t either. Provide consistent leadership and people are more likely to recognize it and adopt it as their own posture of serving the Lord. Consistency is a virtue in nearly every area of life. It is in ministry as well.