Bad20toaster201On his blog, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, writes:

I got this email today.  Of course Im being marginally facetious about the following idea. Why only marginally ? Because all he has to do is find one sucker to say yes. Enjoy.

"I have an idea to solve all of Americas problems, just as all great ideas are really very simple so is this.  I am self made, retired, age 45 and financially independant.  I will sell this idea for $5,000,000.  When you learn of this plan, you will be shocked at how simple and effective it will be.  I want a cashiers check up front and I will give you the idea once it is cleared.  I have it written on an index card here on my desk.  This idea will probably be the biggest proponent of postitve change in American History.  I give you 24 hours to respond and I am going to start shopping this around.  Next is Rupert Murdoch, he will love it."

What a deal!

What's the worst ministry idea you've heard of? I once heard of a church running an Easter campaign called, "This Blood's for You." Beat it. I know you can 🙂