Below you will find a video of the famous USC cheerleader who made a name for herself by cheering for the wrong team. Not once.


Here’s the sad truth. There are people in every church that actively pull against their own church. Because they disagree with things that are going on–new initiatives, creativity, or whatever, they find it constructive to actually pull against those in leadership. They spread more fiction than Dr. Seuss and more venom than a black mamba, all the while hoping that others will join them in their cheering. I’m thankful that the Lord has spared me most people like that over the course of my ministry career. However, they do exist. This sort of person is hard for me to fathom.

I used to have a left-fielder when I was a pitcher who tanked plays just to spite me over a disagreement over how far apart to play catch during warmups. What’s interesting? He’s a major-league ball-player now. I’m a preacher. Maybe he was right. Well, he was right on catch…but wrong on team. He should have been a USC cheerleader.

It’s always wrong to root against the church. Not wrong to have concerns or criticize the church. But it’s always wrong to pull for the church’s failure. Why? Because it’s God’s. It may be off-track or wrong at the moment…but it’s still God’s.

There will always be people who root against the church or those who lead within it. Like my baseball friend, they may even be right on their points…but they’re wrong on church.