Well…it’s time to leave the Big Apple and go back to Dallas. It’s been a fruitful trip. Not only did I put together a sermon plan that I believe is God-breathed, I also had a lot of fun doing it…and getting some much needed alone time.

Here are a couple of pictures I took with my cell phone.

For you Seinfeld fans, the picture of the restaurant is of Tom’s restaurant, at 110th and Broadway. This was the setting for the diner scenes. The food is quite mediocre–only surpassed by the mediocrity of the subtly rude wait staff…but it’s CHEAP!!!

This other picture is looking down 121st street from Amsterdam–to see the entrance of Union Theological Seminary with the astounding Riverside Church rising above it in the distance.Union is where great theologians like Niebuhr and Bonhoeffer have taught. Both would roll over in their graves if they could witness Union today. It’s lost some of it’s luster—but is still a leading seminary known for it’s commitment to social action and liberal theology. It has been my home…because it’s a cheap Big Apple stay, and it’s home to Burke Library…the largest theological library in the Western Hemisphere…and


surpassed in the world only by the Vatican. In addition, you get access to all but one of Columbia Universities libraries. Since much of my work here has had to do with Christ and Culture…the setting, while crowded, noisy, and a little weird…has been close to perfect toward the ends for which it was chosen.