Indianapolis isn’t going to
be confused with Los Angeles
or London any time soon. It isn’t particularly pretty. It isn’t particularly “hoppin.”
It’s just a good ole American city. The people are friendly, there is just
enough to do to make it not boring.

On Monday,
I preached the Eeyore sermon. It went OK. After I was through, Jerry Taylor (a
wonderful, meek, professor at ACU) gave feedback on the sermon to all those
gathered from the podium. Whoah.
Thankfully, he was gentle. Monday night, I stayed up way too late sitting at
the feet of Randy Garriss…a seasoned veteran minister at College Heights
Christian Church in
Joplin, Missouri. It was such a blessing to learn from him. His talk this morning was on the 10 things all ministers
must do to be faithful to their calling. I’ll post them soon. Great stuff.

morning, I passed out some tips on preaching…so that if people want to get
worse at preaching…they will now have a more guided course to their goal.

The plane
took off after two hours of sitting on the runway. Lovely. But, at the end of
the day, I got back to Em and the kiddos. Ready to take on the world Wednesday