Good morning to all.

All apologies for my delinquency in blogging. I’ve been in California for the Pepperdine Bible Lectures and a bit of vacation. So,

First things first. Today is the day that the Lord has made, because Jason Castro is coming back to Dallas. Loving it. I can totally live with the final 3. Wish Carly was there…but I’m content.

Harsh_bumper_stickerNow, on to more serious matters. I was in Solvang, California recently and came across a car littered with anti-Christian bumper stickers. This isn’t completely unique to California, but it does seem as though sentiments . I snapped a cell phone pic of one (shown above). The others were bizarre, as well.

While I understand that not everyone is a fan of Christians and that to some extent we are entitled to freedom of speech, I have noted an increasing animosity of the "new atheists"… those of the Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins variety. Books questioning basic Christian beliefs have gone from "Why I am not a Christian" (Bertrand Russell) to "The God Delusion" and "God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything."

Why this rise in animosity?