Sorry for that lack of posting everyone. I’m back from Orlando…where I had neither time, nor access to the blogosphere. I and a group of 4 others from HOCC joined seven other churches in partnership with Leadership Network to think strategically about church planting for the next generation. The eight churches combined have already planted 115 churches…and the projection is that among us, that amount will triple or quadruple over the next two years. In addition, we hope to pool our ignorance and bless churches all over the world by spending intense, concentrated times thinking innovatively about church planting.

It was really, really cool. Leadership Network is probably the finest storehouse for the latest breakthroughs in various areas of ministry. You can check out their website here. Normal posting will resume Late Sunday, or first thing Monday. Pictured here is a storyboard from one of the sessions in which we filled out a sixty year timeline from 1957 – 2017…including major world event, and major church events…and projected 10 years into the future. This isn’t the timeline itself, but a storyboard of the timeline.