No. We’re not.

I can certainly understand how some might be afraid that hyper-reflection on 9/11 might lead to hostility against all Muslims or hold America back from moving forward. Ironically, many of these are the same people who insist that we remember Black History Month, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Holocaust, etc.

We should remember those things. And, we should remember 9/11–as it really happened. We don’t need to exclude firefighters, cops, the clergy, and others who helped us get through a time like that. To thank some is not to demean others. It’s to be truthful. It’s to mourn with integrity. That’s the only thing that really makes the space for healing.

In her magnificent editorial in the Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan said it just right. “You’ve got to be loyal to pain sometimes to be loyal to the glory that came out of it.”


Reflect. Pray. Be Thankful. Heal. Look forward. Think about how Christ would want us to live together going forward.