Another Sign of the Apocalypse

00016925 Sometimes I’m reminded that surely, we live in the last days.

Recently, a woman juror was arrested for listening to her MP3 player while serving as a jurist during a murder trial.

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The story reads:

It is thought to be the first time that a juror has been accused of listening to music during a trial. John Cooper, a criminal barrister, said that people found guilty of contempt received an average of three years in prison. “It follows a long pedigree of contempt cases including jurors falling asleep and, in one case, jurors who used a Ouija board before they found a defendant guilty,” he said.

To which I say…


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2 thoughts on “Another Sign of the Apocalypse

  1. all of which is to say: if one wishes to be disabused of the wisdom of being judged by a “jury of peers,” show up for jury duty at least once…and look around. Doing so will likely move you to throw yourself on the mercy of the court…and insist on being judged by a judge in the unhappy event of running afoul of the law.
    But perhaps the greater wonder remains the plethora of personal hygiene and grooming activites that one frequently sees at church. My all-time least favorite is fingernail-clipping during communion. Second is fingernail-clipping during the sermon. Mayhaps the signage outside our sanctuary should read: No food or beverages beyond this point. And no fingernail-clipping, hair-combing, ear-wax removing or hormonal groping will be tolerated, either. rtrr