And now for a less substantive post…

Those of you who have followed the blog for any amount of time know that I have huge allegiance to two shows – American Idol and 24. Why do I watch American Idol? 

  • Because it's a more family-style show…my six-year-old can watch most episodes with me. She is a walking American Idol almanac. It is, in part, why she loves to sing the way she does at church. Who knows, maybe Anna will be an American Idol someday…as virtually every winner they've ever had grew up singing in church.
  • I have a great appreciation for amazing singers. 
  • I like to watch "up and comers." 
  • I love to be judgmental :) 
Of any of the meager accomplishments of my life, my ability to pick the American Idol winner in the round of 12, 5 out the 6 years I've watched the show–it's what I cling to :) 

I never watch Hollywood week…too much drama. I watch the round of 12, and then pick.

I hit on Ruben (though I thought Clay was better), Fantasia (though she was picked somewhere around the round of 6…and I thought Diana DeGarmo was better), Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, and David Cook, but missed on Taylor Hicks–who beat a much better Katharine McPhee to my astonishment and America's everlasting shame.

It's thus time to pick this year's winner…but I haven't watched last night's show yet. I'll narrow it to 3 until the weekend. By the time the next show happens, I'll man up and make the pick.

The top 3 in my opinion, having only heard them on ITunes and watching them once on TV (except Adam) are:
  • Adam Lambert
  • Alexis Grace
  • Lil Rounds
Danny Gokey is 4 or 5…but has no real shot. Allision Ireheta is 4 or 5…same. Matt's probably 6.

Everyone else is on borrowed time.

Any early thoughts from the rest of you?