American Idol Odds

I have been relatively silent on American Idol thus far. I’ll be more vocal once there is a final 12. Here we go…keep in mind that we’ve only heard everyone twice.

The guy I’d like to get rid of: Daniel Noriega (but he won’t go home tonight…unfortunately)

The girl I’d like to get rid of: Amanda Overmyer (she might)

The bum rap: Kady Malloy (bad night, got totally messed over the week before…but one of the best voices)

Overrated: David Archuleta (good…just not that good), Jason Castro (cool…but not very good), Michael Johns

Underrated: David Hernandez, David Cook, Alaina Whitaker

Going home tonight: Luke Menard (the Orlando Bloom lookalike), Jason Yeager, Amanda Overmyer, Asi’ah Epperson. On the Bubble…Alexandrea Lushington, Kady Malloy

Random note…the guys are just better this year…

The frontrunner: David Archuleta (good voice…teenybopper star power)

The best that won’t make it: David Hernandez, David Cook

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4 thoughts on “American Idol Odds

  1. Follow up to David’s Lennon song…you should download it on iTunes. They’ve cleaned it up there. Sounds even better than it was live.

  2. Yeah, Alaina was the surprise…the others were easy to live with. Now, if we can just get rid of the Amanda and Daniel Noriega…I can sleep at night….

  3. Can’t believe Alaina went home! Vocally she could have been one of the final 6. But, her last performance wasn’t her best.
    Here’s the thing about Archuleta – he knows exactly how to place his runs and not sound like a cracker. That was always my problem with McFee – she just didn’t know what runs were appropriate. Listen to some old school Mariah (not her current stuff) and you’ll here that perfect choice of run crafting.
    I think Archuleta has to be the most annoying kid to hang out with during the taping of the show, but I think I’d enjoy listening to his voice produced and recorded.
    I totally agree on Hernandez.
    Cook is great . . . too bad he totally has a combover. At least Daughtry knew to shave it all off.
    Constantine will always have the best Bohemian Rhapsody on Idol.

  4. Are we watching the same show? 🙂
    Send Amanda home tonight, pleeeeeeze.
    I’m pulling for Asia’h. Her story is just incredible. And she might have been the best performer last night. She’s not going home.
    Mostly likely to go home tonight: Alexadreah, Amanda, Jason Yeager, and Robbie.
    Mostly likely to swoop in and beat David: Syesha, maybe Ramiele
    Everybody else is just hoping David Archuleta screws up. If he doesn’t, this will be a runaway. His Lennon song Tuesday was one of the best (the best?) performances I’ve seen in three years of watching this show.