I have been relatively silent on American Idol thus far. I’ll be more vocal once there is a final 12. Here we go…keep in mind that we’ve only heard everyone twice.

The guy I’d like to get rid of: Daniel Noriega (but he won’t go home tonight…unfortunately)

The girl I’d like to get rid of: Amanda Overmyer (she might)

The bum rap: Kady Malloy (bad night, got totally messed over the week before…but one of the best voices)

Overrated: David Archuleta (good…just not that good), Jason Castro (cool…but not very good), Michael Johns

Underrated: David Hernandez, David Cook, Alaina Whitaker

Going home tonight: Luke Menard (the Orlando Bloom lookalike), Jason Yeager, Amanda Overmyer, Asi’ah Epperson. On the Bubble…Alexandrea Lushington, Kady Malloy

Random note…the guys are just better this year…

The frontrunner: David Archuleta (good voice…teenybopper star power)

The best that won’t make it: David Hernandez, David Cook