All Hail Queen Jordin!!!

All Hail Queen Jordin…

America got it right… what a life this 17-year-old is living…and it couldn’t happen to a nicer girl…

However…what was up with Bette Midler? Caesar’s is in trouble…

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5 thoughts on “All Hail Queen Jordin!!!

  1. Tim…
    I enjoyed your sermon this morning… visiting my inlaws (Seth & Tommye Cowan).
    I pulled up your blog while downloading last Sunday’s sermon to listen to on our trip back to OKC.
    The coolest part about Jordin Sparks is that she is very likely a Christian. Two years ago, she was introduced to Michael W. Smith, and toured as a back-up singer on his Christmas tours 2005 & 2006.
    Check out:

  2. Yes, the Blake/Doug E. Fresh show was a lot of fun!
    Caeser’s must have gotten new management. Who in their right mind would put Bette on the same caliber with Celine. (You would have to go with Old School Mariah or Whitney) Of course, there may actually be a large market for bette with an old crowd. There is no way they can charge as much for tickets.
    Watch On The Lot tonight! My good buddy, David May, is on it. He is a christian and his niche is making good, fun, family films.

  3. Yes, I too voted for Jordin. How could I not?
    Sorry to miss Rochester this year, but I’ll be presenting up there in a few weeks, so I couldn’t swing two trips back-to-back. Hope your trip home went well.

  4. Caesar’s Palace is in huge trouble. If that’s the best Bette has got, she needs to hang it up now. If the powers that be saw that performance, they may be rethinking life after Celine!
    Jordan is a great singer, Blake is a better overall entertainer. Melinda is still the best singer and entertainer and should have won. And Kudos to Blake for being the most gracious guy on American Idol. Not many people would win the coin toss for choosing your place in the finale and then basically give the other person their choice. He’s still a winner in my book! And he will still do great in the enterainment industry.

  5. The even bigger issue–FOX going overtime by six minutes, meaning those of us who TiVo’d it, didn’t actually see Jordin win the thing. Instead we got 2 hours of freaky yellow chick, Bush Baby Boy, and Bette Midler’s aching voice box.
    Best parts of the night–the group number with Smokey Robinson and Blake’s one-on-one with Doug E. Fresh.