I want to thank so many of you for your love and support over the past few days. It's been an extremely difficult time for all involved as you might imagine. Nevertheless, I'm thankful to God for sustaining us through this time and giving us such a loving group of friends. I would ask your continued prayers for North County, as well as the new church plant we are embarking on.

Many have asked for the details of what happened at NCCC, and I remain reluctant to share details of what happened at North County, though I have attempted to provide an impressionist painting publicly (via my last post), while speaking more transparently to those more directly impacted by the situation who inquire.

As you can imagine, we’ve had our share of ugly emails, encouraging words, sleepless nights and moments of stark clarity. While still feeling the weight of our decision, Emily and I are completely convinced we did the right thing. As painful as it is, we believe that God has truly guided this process and those who know the full details of the situation affirm that decision without reservation but with heavy heart. We sought the Scriptures rigorously, devoted ourselves to prayer, sought out numerous godly counselors, and believe God has called us to do this.

Planning for the new congregation is underway, and God is already opening doors. We will spend the month of December gathering for worship, raising resources and planning, preparing to “soft launch” in mid-late January. The core team joining us is an outstanding group of spiritually-minded servants who are willing to play hurt for a time as well because they believe in what we’re doing.

We will gather for worship this Sunday evening at 5pm at at Ranchland Church in Rancho Bernardo. Click here for directions. It's cold these days in North County (by our standards), so come a bit early–we'll provide some coffee and hot chocolate. For all you parents and kids, we will also have children's ministry underway that evening. It’s the beginning of something wonderful.

We are in the process of gathering support of all kinds. This area desperately needs new churches. I hope you’ll consider supporting us in some way. More information to come.