I must confess that last night… Shania was actually decent. There’s a first time for everything…

Here’s how I would rank them going into tonight’s cut based on total star potential…not just vocals.

8. Shanjaya – He’ll live on through tonight but is clearly the worst.
7. Haley Scarnato – Vocally overmatched despite knockout looks. She’s leaving tonight.
6. Phil Stacy – Best male vocalist…but weird looking.
5. Chris Richardson – Worst male vocalist, but chicks dig him.
4. Lakisha Jones – Great singer….
3. Blake Lewis – Cool dude…picks great songs…is likeable.
2. Melinda Doolittle – Without a peer vocally, but then there’s
1. Jordan Sparks — total package. Game, set, match.

Melinda/Jordan finale, and it’s anyone’s game.