OK…another interesting week in American Idol land. After tonight, the show gets really good. I love the final 12 phase. So, who should go home?

For the guys–easy…Danny Noriega and the Orlando Bloom look-a-like (Luke Menard–who unfortunately is a really nice guy)

The girls are tougher… I’d send Kady Malloy (who has a better voice than she has shown or been given credit for) and Asiah Epperson (really loveable, but a B caliber voice). I might swap Asiah with Amanda Overmyer, who had a great night, but will have problem any week she can’t do Joan Jett.

Other random Idol thoughts:

  • David Cook absolutely tore it up. Needs to work on the attitude though.
  • David Hernandez had the 2nd best performance among the guys…despite the unfortunate news coming out this week.
  • Jason Castro is really cool…but out of his league vocally among the other guys that aren’t going home tonight.
  • On the girls side, only Carly Smithson has separated herself as a vocalist. The rest are running on star quality and good voices.
  • Syesha Mercado is the 2nd best girl…but comes off as a bit of a drama queen and a bit arrogant in her interviews. She’s really good, though.

We’ll see who the final 12 are…feel free to sound off.