AICS – American Idol Championship Series

OK…another interesting week in American Idol land. After tonight, the show gets really good. I love the final 12 phase. So, who should go home?

For the guys–easy…Danny Noriega and the Orlando Bloom look-a-like (Luke Menard–who unfortunately is a really nice guy)

The girls are tougher… I’d send Kady Malloy (who has a better voice than she has shown or been given credit for) and Asiah Epperson (really loveable, but a B caliber voice). I might swap Asiah with Amanda Overmyer, who had a great night, but will have problem any week she can’t do Joan Jett.

Other random Idol thoughts:

  • David Cook absolutely tore it up. Needs to work on the attitude though.
  • David Hernandez had the 2nd best performance among the guys…despite the unfortunate news coming out this week.
  • Jason Castro is really cool…but out of his league vocally among the other guys that aren’t going home tonight.
  • On the girls side, only Carly Smithson has separated herself as a vocalist. The rest are running on star quality and good voices.
  • Syesha Mercado is the 2nd best girl…but comes off as a bit of a drama queen and a bit arrogant in her interviews. She’s really good, though.

We’ll see who the final 12 are…feel free to sound off.

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One thought on “AICS – American Idol Championship Series

  1. Dude, you’ve got it in for Asia’h. She is way better than B quality. Her problem is she keeps picking songs too big for her, so she comes across as B quality. Who wouldn’t trying to sing Whitney and Celine on back to back weeks?
    I don’t think she can win, but I really like Brooke’s style. She’s unique among this group.
    Yes, your girl Kady is going home. As much as I would like to send Danny home, Chikeze and Luke are going home. And I’m submitting Luke’s name for the “Up With People” tour.
    Other girl? My guess is Kristy Lee.
    Something has happened to Amanda. She’s not having fun anymore. I don’t like her style, but when somebody can’t even smile after getting rave reviews from the judges, that tells me something isn’t right in her world.
    From the news this week, I’m guessing that Ramiele and David H hook up. 🙂