This is the season when most of the Christian world spends time reflecting on the great arrival of Jesus into the world. It’s called Advent. I was struck by this reflection on Advent by Mark Bozutti-Jones.

"Advent invites us to stand up as children of God. Being children of
God requires that we act like children. Cry when you need milk. Act
silly to make God laugh. Listen to what God says. Throw things off the
table and experience God’s patience. Curl up in the arms of God. Ask
God to read you a story. Allow God to throw you up in the air. Play
hide and seek with God. Allow God to play hide and seek with you. Cry
when God goes away. Squeal with delight when God comes back. Listen to
God say how much you are loved. Tell God of your love. This, without a
doubt, is what Advent is all about."

From /The Womb of Advent/ by Mark Bozutti-Jones