Confession time… I LOVE the ZOE Group's praise music. I was at the very first ZOE group worship conference waaaayyy back in the day. I didn't miss the first 7. Then, we had a child born in October. Since then, I've missed a few recently. But, I'm going to the conference in Fresno in a couple of weeks. Hope to see some of you there! ZOE has blessed my life in so many ways I can hardly count them. Waaaayyy back in my days as a Worship Minister at the University Church of Christ on the Pepperdine campus…ZOE provided me and our church with a vital new form of soul food through contemporary acappella (not an oxymoron) music that was really…ummmm….good…even…great.

For that, we in Churches of Christ owe ZOE, Hallal, Jerome, Acappella, and others a huge debt. I just listened to the new ZOE CD. I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks Larry, Eric, Brando, Sheryl, Randy, and the rest. Thank you Ken and Marca Young. Thank you Jerome Williams. Thank you Jeff Nelson. Thank you Keith Lancaster, Jeremy Johnson, and others who have brought fresh wind and fire into the church's praise. God has used you mightily. You are loved and appreciated.