Tomorrow, I'm preaching on worship. It's on my mind. With perfect timing, this marvelous prayer written by my buddy Ray Hardin was emailed to me tonight. I had to share it with you.

Feed Us 

How hungry we get after
leaving home, Lord.  Oh, it’s

tolerable for a while
because we have our minds

made up and our jaw
set.  We tell ourselves there’s

nothing at all to fear—we
simply need to stay

focused on the goal,
work hard, look good and keep our

wits about us. 
The props we drag along to make us

feel good about ourselves—oh!
how important that is—

too soon turn into dead
weights we would leave beside

the path if we had any
real courage.  But our courage

fades as our hunger
grows.  So we quicken our pace to

put some distance between
ourselves and you, thinking

that any day we will
arrive at whatever place it is we

imagine can our fill
our needs.  No offense, Lord, but

sometimes we feel we
really need to make it on our

own, provide for ourselves
and be grown up at last.

But the hunger deepens
and seeps into all our

empty places like sand. 
Weighing us down and sapping

our strength. 
Until the journey is no fun any more.

The bright destination
becomes only a mirage.

Our path becomes too
steep with the weight of

all the heavy help we’ve
thought to depend on.  Until

finally we can’t go
on any further.  That’s when we lay

it all down and cry
to you, O Lord.  Save us.  Feed us.