Here’s a short list of gift ideas for those who may want to do something nice for their preacher. This is not a hint 🙂 , I’m just trying to be helpful to my colleagues in the field and help spread good cheer around the church building as well as the house.

  • Books. Always a winner. Just pick a good one.
  • Gift cards. Restaurant gift cards are good. Movie theaters, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and of course, Starbucks, are good.
  • Go in with some others and get them an e-reader. IPad, Kindle Fire, or Nook Tablet are on most wish lists in this regard. These are the kinds of gadgets preachers can often not afford, but fantasize about regularly.
  • Tickets. To a show, green fees for golf, or tickets to a ballgame.
  • Do something nice (any of the above) for his wife. It will bless him immensely.
  • Volunteer to watch the kids for a night for free, and let he and his wife go out.
  • Have a cabin, or vacation house? Offer to let him use it.
  • Write a real thank you/appreciation note. It always means a lot.
  • Make a donation to the church or a charity on behalf of your preacher.

Note: This post was adapted from a previous post.