Well, one down, many more to go. Approximately 500 people attended the 9am service in Plano Sunday morning–a combo of Dallas campus regulars, returning members of the former Pitman Creek Church of Christ, and about 50% community/newcomers.

It was as you might have expected…chaotic, messy, and fun…kind of like a wedding. The building is still under renovation, so, it was auditorium and kids classrooms only for the most part. But, it seemed that everyone was just glad to be there…to be launching out into something new. The most exciting thing to me was the generally smiley countenances of those who were present.

The sermon was pretty basic but important I hope—an orientation to the vision and core values of Highland Oaks, and a charge to keep God at the center of it all and staying focused on things that matter.

Understated, but interesting–today was the 152nd anniversary of the Highland Oaks Church of Christ. I passed on to the Plano campus that they were now a part of the oldest new church in the area. We’re talking 9 years before the start of the Civil War. In fact, a Civil War general was the preacher at one point in time. It’s a real testament to God’s work through HOCC that they can still think innovatively at 152.

Most churches are like 152-year-old humans…if they exist, they are slow, hard of hearing, and not prone to change. But I’ve come to learn that while some churches are that way…they don’t have to be. Churches can be like Jule Herzog, HOCC member who died a couple of years ago at 110 years of age…and came to church the Sunday before she died. Never stop growing.