Today is the day we all refer to as "9-11" now. What a day that was. I remember that when I heard what happened, I couldn’t believe it. As I watched the images I couldn’t believe it. That night, I preached at a prayer service we held at the West Houston Church of Christ in Houston…where I was preaching at the time at the ripe old age of 24. I offered some of the wisest words I’ve ever spoken from a pulpit…"I don’t know", in answer to many of the tough questions that surfaced as a result of the terrorist bombings. I tried to spend that night leading in prayer, and trying to recall the one thing we could be sure of–God.

We preachers are expected to have something to say on such occasions. We can grieve later. In the heat of the moment, we have to help others get through tragedy…or we have to lead even as we grieve. I think too often we feel like we have to give answers to questions
that we have no business answering.

6 years later, I haven’t figured out much more about that day than this…sin never stops. Six years later, I can’t say the world is better (less sinful or safer) than it was then…though I do personally feel a bit safer than I did that day.

If you haven’t heard "I Wish for Peace" by Michelle Tumes…this is the day to hear it for the first time. And then, let’s pray for peace. Pictured here is a poster with the faces of all the victims of 911. We can pray for their families as well.