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Today, Emily and I celebrate 8 years of marriage. We're going out to dinner tonight and then going away for a night this weekend.

It occurs to me that 8 years, when compared to the 73 years of marriage one couple I know has shared, is brief. Nevertheless, 8 years does feel longer than 7…or six…

In some ways, Em and I have been married for 8 dog years…not because they have felt that way, but because we have experienced a bit more in those 8 years than I suppose most 32 and 29 year-olds have. Not only has my love and respect for Emily grown through our time together, marriage has grown me more spiritually than any other context of life. For this, I'm thankful. I'm thankful that the Lord brought me Emily. I'm thankful for our kids. I'm thankful for another place in life to grow as a Christian man… I need all the places I can get.

In Reforming Marriage, Douglas Wilson writes, “A short walk through the marriage and family section of the local Christian bookstore easily demonstrates that modern Christians have a tremendous interest in the subject of marriage and family. But this booming marriage business (books, conferences, seminars, marriage counseling) is really a sign of disease and not health. In a very real sense, our interest is morbid, almost pathological. We are like a terminal cancer patient, fervently researching alternative treatments, hoping against hope that something can be done. Desperate for happiness in our relationships, and discontent with what God has given us, we are imploring the experts to show us the way out. . . . A mature Christian is one who understands that it is the duty of all human creatures to glorify God in all things. It therefore stands to reason that a mature Christian man will be a mature husband. Likewise, a mature Christian woman will be a mature wife. Maturity in the Lord is a prerequisite to maturity in marriage.”