7 Lies Culture Tells About Sex

Yesterday, NCCC continued it's study of biblical sexuality. We took a look at 7 lies cultures tells us about sex. I'm not a "point-preacher." I typically have one point in any sermon…but Proverbs has forced me out a bit by the nature of how it's written. I've listed the 7 lies or myths below. In the sermon-version, I also gave corresponding truths of the Bible. I'd be curious to hear some others that you all have picked up on.

Myth 1: Great and frequent sexual intercourse is essential to my personal happiness.
Myth 2: What I do with my body is my own business.
Myth 3: How I dress doesn't matter.
Myth 4: I can't control my sexual desires.
Myth 5: "It's just sex."
Myth 6: Great sex can't happen in the humdrum of marriage.
Myth 7: The Bible doesn't really say it's wrong to have sex before marriage or practice homosexuality. (This one has a cousin… it goes something like, "We need to take each other for a test-drive before we get married so that we can know if we're 'compatable'").

What'd I miss?

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3 thoughts on “7 Lies Culture Tells About Sex

  1. What did you miss? Nothing in my opinion, you did an excellent job! However, after reading Brads comment above I have to agree that that is certainly another myth especially we women have to deal with. I could go on about this but I won’t because this is so public 😉
    ps…is our “english” congregation going to do the “40 Days of Love” like the spanish congregation? That would would be cool, because we need it! Or at least I think it would be fun. Steve and I are morphing into ONLY mommy and daddy roles. 🙂

  2. This myth might help perpetuate most of the others, but myth #8 could be: “Hollywood’s view and portrayal of sex is the societal norm.”
    Off the subject, any healthy churches you know of needing a preacher?