Forbidden Fruit Thanks to Wired Magazine for this infographic, which they got from a research team at Kansas State. It maps prevalence of the 7deadly sins in the United States. I had a few random thoughts when I saw this:

1) Who would want to live in Florida?

2) Why doesn't anyone live in Big Sky country?

3) I have a hunch we are a bit more gluttonous than the graph shows. Poor Texas 🙂

4) What if a map like this were drawn of the church on a Sunday morning and projected on the screens? That would be interesting 🙂

5) Would a map like this of a given city be of help to churches in trying to minister to the community, and would churches use them constructively or destructively?

6) Maybe there is a link between warm weather and sin 🙂

7) There are a lot of places that need Jesus. In fact, all of them do.

If one reads closely, methodology may be is a bit shaky here, but it's an interesting concept. 

Any thoughts?