Right now, we at NCCC are making our way through Proverbs. Yesterday, we
talked about the "honesty" Proverbs, and reflected on how we can become a light
in the world by people of absolute integrity. At the close of the sermon, I
challenged the church to commit to to telling the absolute truth for 7 days. If you mess up, you
have to start over. 

I was part of such a campaign, except it was a "21 Days of
Telling the Truth" campaign. A year later, no one of the 100 that began the campaign had finished. The reason: we bend or break the truth so often we hardly notice how often we
do it. Sometimes, we actually fudge or lie subconsciously.Other times, we do it knowingly. Exaggeration, hyperbole, spin, etc., are examples of 80% truth-telling…and reason to start the 7 days over. 

Jesus himself is truth. His church is the pillar of truth. So, we must always strive to be people of unimpeachable truth. 

One brother came up to me and said, "I made it to the doorway, now I guess I
have to start over." Hilarious!

If you think it's easy, I challenge you to try.

 I made it to this morning 🙂 Starting over… 🙁

"Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight." Proverbs 12:22.