35 Today, I'm 35 years old. 



According to my genogram, I'm about half-way done with life if the Lord tarries, so I'm doing some thinking about things. What does God want me to do with the last half of my life? What have I learned over the last 35 years? Here are some things that are hitting me this week:

  • The older I get, the wiser my parents become.
  • All churches are imperfect. Some are just more imperfect than others.
  • My health matters more now that I have a wife and three daughters.
  • I'm entering what some would call the "peak" years of ministry: 35-55 or so. I hope that's true.
  • I still pretty much enjoy the same things I always have and don't enjoy the things I never have.
  • I'm ridiculously blessed with a beautiful wife and three precious daughters.
  • The hardest thing I've ever done physically is hike Mt. Whitney, camping up there going and coming back (far tougher than running a marathon)
  • The hardest thing I've done emotionally is ministry. It's much more difficult than the books say it is.
  • The hardest thing I've done spiritually is strive to be a good dad and husband. It's harder than it looks on the cereal box.
  • At the same time, all of those "hardest" things are also among the best things I've done in my 35 years.

So, what's in store for the next 35? God knows. I don't. That's OK with me. He's done just fine with the first 35. Then again, Christ may come first. I may not even live 35 more years. Then again, I could live 55 more years. It's up to Him.

I'll do my part – Listen and follow.

Thanks, Lord, for a great 35 years. I look forward to seeing what you've got in store today.