Shot put Lady
I was inspired today by the example of 100 yr. old Ruth Frith (pictured left), who recently set the WORLD RECORD for the shot put.
That's how I want to go out…throwing things record distances at 100.
My version of throwing the shot put is throwing sermons and trying to help churches grow stronger. I would love to be doing that when I'm 100…but the odds are against me 🙂

I turn 34 tomorrow.


To some, it sounds young.

Not to me. It's as old as I've ever been before.

18 was young. But, things hurt now. I get tired more easily. I actually have to pay attention to what I eat and exercised to keep from getting fat.

But, there are some up sides. I've learned more. I hope I'm more mature than I was at 18. When I was 18, I didn't know Emily yet, and didn't have Anna, Olivia, and a baby to be named later in my life yet. So, I'll take 34 over 18.

I also hope I'm a more devoted disciple of Christ than I was at 18. That's the big question for us all. Are we growing in Christ?

How about you. Are you more devoted to Him this year than you were last?