Business Odyssey 001
The new Facebook app that is all the rage is "25 Things". Basically, you list 25 random things about yourself, and then "tag" 25 people. They then write 25 things, and tag 25 people (including the one who "tagged" them. 

Call it the 21st century way of getting to know one another.

Since I'm sometimes accused of not doing enough personal posts, here's my 25 random things for those of you who aren't Facebook friends with me, or loathe Facebook. Come to the light 🙂

1. I have a strange love of Mafia movies, shows, etc. At least…stranger than most preachers for sure.

2. I love chili and queso… and barbequed items of nearly all kinds. Coupled with my affinity for coffee…I should die sometime next month.

3. I bite my nails…and have since I was about 5 years old. My sister actually sat me down and taught me. 

4. I've played golf with Tiger Woods, sung back-up for Barry Manilow, and went to High School with Snoop Dogg, Cameron Diaz and other famous people…are virtually by accident. My wife thus occasionally calls me "Forrest." 

5. My favorite movie of all time is a tie… Gladiator and It's a Wonderful Life

6. I LOVE hot tubs and bath tubs that actually fit tall guys. It is a literally a must have–one or the other–wherever I live. And, you can always find me there on Saturday night…part of the Sunday preparation ritual. 

7. I HATE being cold. I would rather be hot for a month than cold for a day. 

8. I drink roughly 2.5 pots of coffee per day. Really. 

9. I LOATHE vegetables. I can handle lettuce…that’s about it. Corn is OK…but it’s really more of a starch. All you vegetable people…just remember that it was the vegetable sacrifice that God rejected in the story of Cain and Abel.

10. I believe that the three greatest people of the last century are C.S. Lewis, Ronald Reagan, and Jim Carrey.

11. I DVR about 10 different shows. I watch absolutely nothing when it’s on, except 24…and then watch them when I have time…usually in multi-hour chunks when the time’s available. Other than 24, the shows on the DVR – Saturday Night Live, Jay Leno, The Mentalist, House, Criminal Minds, American Idol, Cold Case, the Office, and of course…any miscellaneous 24 episodes that I wasn’t able to watch raw.

12. I love the big 3 sports in both pro and college form. Now that I’m back in California, baseball is back in the #1 slot (Dodgers/Pepperdine), followed by football (Working my way toward the Chargers now that my Broncos fired my man Mike Shanahan/USC), and basketball (Duke/Mavericks).

13. I HATE being late. I show up at the church building at 5:30 on Sunday mornings, and will gladly leave 30 minutes early to get to something 10-15 minutes away. People who are late are time robbers 🙂

14. To Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite novel of all-time. Celebration of Discipline is my favorite spiritual book of all time.

15. I love cities. Suburbs are OK to live in…but give me the city: concrete, car horns, weird people, cool restaurants, good arts scene, ball games to watch, and museums to roam. New York, L.A. and San Diego are my favorites. Internationally, London is tops. I hope to live in a downtown apartment sometime before I die.

16. I am rabidly devoted to my alma maters…except my middle-school…which I hope is demolished by someone/thing someday. I love all things Long Beach Poly (THE HOME OF SCHOLARS AND CHAMPIONS), and Pepperdine (WE’RE GONNA….) Gear or stuff from either of these two institutions is a winner gift for me at any time.

17. I have one of the most eclectic music tastes you will ever find. Christian worship music, jazz, classical, rock, pop, and rap are all available in the most played lists of my Ipod. I like country least, but can handle it if it’s somewhat more mainstream – like Carrie Underwood (who I love) or Faith Hill.

18. The greatest smells in the world are fresh coffee, movie popcorn, firewood in the fireplace, and ocean air.

19. Scalp massages are the best thing ever…but I don’t let anyone touch my hair. It just bothers me. So, I’ll have to wait until I either lose all my hair or shave my head.

20. I am an intrinsically motivated/driven person and work best with those who are as well. For some reason, I also create nicknames for people.

21. My favorite thing to do is dinner out with Emmer. My second favorite thing to do is eat breakfast out with Emmer. We both love to go out to dinner with friends.

22. Passive-aggressivism is the devil. I can’t stand it. Give me directness or give me death.

23. I’ve read the bible cover to cover at least once a year since I was 16. When I’m done with one, I buy a new one…and don’t pick the old one up again…other than to preach from it. It’s a reward system of sorts. I love underlining and writing in the margins as I read…and want a new, fresh page on which to do so. OCD? Perhaps.

24. I’m scheming with some friends to hike the 211 mile John Muir Trail within the next 18 months. This summer, I plan to hike Mt. Whitney as practice.

25. I don’t share toothbrushes. That’s nasty.