Port_44Jim Vining wrote a great little post entitled, "The Top Ten Ways to Ruin Young Pastors." It is printed below in italics. Click here to read the comments.

This post can be taken a bit negatively. The intent here is redemptive, though. It seems pretty spot on to me. I'm getting to where I don't qualify as a youngster. I have some gray hair, literally, now. Even at 33, I've already been in ministry "formally" for 13 years–and have experienced many of the things Vining mentions at various stages–though I've always been blessed to work in great churches. I am also at an age that has allowed me to watch a lot of my peers exit the ministry. This saddens me, for the church needs all the young guns (and old guns for that matter) She can get. Here's Jim Vining in italics:

Here are the Top Ten Ways to Ruin Young Pastors. They have also been found effective on other ministry staff!

10. Promise big things in their interviews, and then pull back on those promises once the family is on site.

9. Do not bother mentoring them or investing in their personal or professional development.

8. Ask them to reach new people, but force them to think the same way as the existing staff.

7. Ask them to bring change, but do not allow them to do anything different.

6. Young Pastor’s Concerns = Never Valid. Member’s Concerns about Young Pastor = Always Valid.

5. Give them responsibility, but do not give them the authority to accomplish those things.

4. Give them greater workloads than other pastors, but also less respect.

3. Say one thing in private meetings, another thing in staff or elder meetings, and another thing in Sunday Worship.

2. Reject their ideas, tell them how to do it, and when it does not work … blame them.

1. Allow your personal insecurities to interpret the young pastor’s words and deeds as attempts to mock you or steal your job.